Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Green!

This week for Muffin Tin Monday the color is GREEN! Here's what we had:

*Green Beans
*Macaroni & Cheese, dyed green with food coloring
*Green Goldfish crackers
*Green Kool-aid to drink

To see more Muffin Tin Monday idea's, or to join in on the fun - Go Here. Next week there is no theme!

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  1. We had green gold fish too. I wish I could get JDaniel to eat lettuce.

  2. Great tin. There's no way I could get either of my kids to eat lettuce. In fact, when I was making the tin, Austin told me that lettuce was green but he didn't want any.

  3. Great tin - Looks so green and yummy!

  4. great idea - dying the mac n cheese!

  5. hmmm, I wonder if my kids would eat green mac and cheese? I'll have to try it and see.

  6. Green mac and cheese, what a good idea.

  7. I forgot to add the green gold fish, Great tin.

  8. food colouring is fansastic tool to get kids to eat. I love it.
    Great MTM

  9. What a fun lunch! I bet they loved the green mac and cheese!


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