Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Dining March Challenge!

Can you go a whole month without eating out? Well, Thanks to Couponing to Disney, my Family & I sat down and decided that we are in for the challenge! I have to admit that when things get busy & hectic around here, we tend to eat out way too much! So for the whole month of March we aren't going to eat out at all! So far we've done really good, and we haven't even been tempted!
As a family, we did agree to just a few exceptions....
1. Birthdays! My son has a birthday on March 30th, and as a tradition we always celebrate our birthdays with eating out. My son has already decided that he wants us to go to "Skyline Chili" for his birthday-it's his favorite. So on this day we will go out. It would be cool if we come across some coupons or a gift card!
2. Free food, or almost free food. If there is an awesome promotion for free food then we can do it as long as we don't pay anything, or very little. We still have free kids meal coupons for Frisch's and they expire on March 30th & I don't want these to go to waste because the only time that we really get to go out after church on Sunday's is when we have these coupons!

3. Eating out if someone else is paying, or eating at someone else's house is okay, but for the most part, we will be eating at home!
Sorry, Kids- this means NO McDonald's for a whole month! This also means that for "Pizza Friday" we will have to either make our own pizza's or get the frozen kind from the grocery store! I know that we can do this! I intend to post updates to let you all know how we are doing, and to help to keep us accountable!

So, I know that it's already the 4th day of March, but are you in? Can your family do it? If you have already went out to eat, or ordered in, or bought a Latte (ect) can you challenge yourself/your family not to eat out for the rest of the month?

Well, if you're in for the challenge, make sure to leave a comment & let me know! You never know, there could be a secret giveaway to one of my followers throughout this challenge! Hint, Hint! Just make sure to leave a comment on each of my No dining challenge post, cause you never know! Oh, and Couponing to Disney is giving away a $50 gift card so stop over there too!

Good Luck!

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