Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Target Shopping Trip - Deals & Problems!

As many of you know, I typically do not share Target deals. There are many reasons for this! The first reason is because Target prices & deals vary by region. I have read about deals on other sites & forums before, then I go to Target to find that my prices are totally different & it's a bummer! Therefore, when I do share Target deals, I either verify it by looking at my local ad, or I actually make a trip to the store first!

I really do not shop at Target very often, unless there are several deals to make my trip worthwhile. And 90% of the time, I have problems at Target as far as coupons go! Today I made a trip & it's the first time that I've shopped Target in months. I had a lot of good deals loaded in my cart & the cashier wasn't very nice. I ended up voiding a lot of items that I purchased because she would not accept my coupons, when I know that what I was doing was legit! She was looking at the picture's on the coupons, instead of reading the fine print #1. Second, the items that produced overage after coupon, she would not take at all, even though in the Corporate policy it clearly states that the value of the coupon can be adjusted so that there isn't an overage. I asked for a Manager who did nothing at all for me, and I called Corporate when I got home & they did nothing either. So that leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth!

Any whoo, I was still able to get a few good deals. I was able to get everything in the picture above for $13.13 plus tax.

Here's how...

Transaction #1
(4) Kelloggs Frosted mini wheats cereal @ $2.54 ea.
Used (2) $1.50/2 printable coupons Here
Final price = $7.16 or $1.79 ea.

(1) Airwick Ultra I- motion starter kit $6 on price-cut
Used (1) $5 MQ from 3/7 SS
and (1) $1 Target printable coupon Here
Final price = Free

(2) Crest kids toothpaste @ $1.49 ea. on price-cut
Used (1) $1 Target printable coupon Here
and (1) $.50 MQ from 2/7 P&G
Final price = Free

Total paid OOP = $7.14 + tax. But I also received a $5 gift card for purchasing the Kelloggs cereals.

*I don't understand why the cashier had no problem with the kids crest toothpaste coupons, and it was 1 penny overage & went through fine. However I also had tried to purchase Rimmel mascara that was $4.99. I had a $2 Target coupon from the April '10 issue of Marie Claire magazine, and I had a $3 off coupon from March All You magazine. She wouldn't accept it because it was 1 penny overage. Makes no sense to me!

Transaction #2
(1) Princess & The Frog DVD $15.99
Used $5 printable coupon Here
Final price = $10.99

(1) Airwick I-motion starter kit $6
Used $5 MQ from 3/7 & $1 Target printable coupon
Final price = Free

Total was $10.99
Paid with $5 gift card from transaction #1
Final price = $5.99 + tax.

*I also had the band-aids but she wouldn't take my coupons. They were $1.82. I had a $1 Target coupon, and a $1 MQ. I didn't buy them because I was a little upset. However I do plan to try another trip and use the $1 Target coupon and $.50 band-aid coupon from 3/14 SS insert. So I'll have to pay $.32 ea. but it's still worth it for the Princess & Frog rebate.

So I'm done complaining, I still got some good deals! So do you have problems shopping at Target or is it just me?

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  1. This is exactly why I don't shop at Kroger!

  2. One of the Targets in my area is the WORST! They will NOT allow for an overage, nor will they mark the price of the item up or the coupon price down. Just one example: I found some face cleanser on clearance for 2.78. I had a coupon for the item, for 3.00. It was a No-Go. I even spoke with Customer (No)Service. I reminded them that it was Targets corporate policy to change the price to match.(whether its the coupon or item, I can't remember) They said it is up to the Manager of each individual store, how to handle it, and this particular store refuses. So I handed them back 7+ dollars worth of merchandise(I had some travel sized items too) and told them that because of their refusing, they just lost $$$$$. *sigh*

  3. I am sorry for your bad experience....but this has happened to me one too many times at Target AND Walgreens. For this reason I *never* shop at Target and rarely (only when absolutely necessary) shop at WAGS.

    It isn't worth my time or effort. There are too many deals to be had is not my job to educate store employees on their own corporate policy. If corporate isn't willing to make their stores use the policy uniformly, the policy is pointless.

  4. I've had nothing but problems at Target lately - I used to shop there 2-3 a month, now I haven't set foot in Target since December!
    Why play the "will they take the coupon or will they refuse it?" game when I can go to other stores? I only go to Target for freebies/cheapies and the new Target coupons curtail that, too.

  5. Thank You for the comments. It is reassuring that it's not just me with the coupon problems at Target!


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