Monday, March 1, 2010

Today is Free Movie Monday at Red Box!

Here is a code to get a Free rental at Red Box Today ONLY: RBXLUV4U. This code is valid until Midnight tonight. This code can be used once per credit card. So you can get more than one movie Free if you use separate credit cards and transactions! This code is valid for 1 Free night, so make sure to return your movie before 9pm the following night so that you won't be charged. If you return it late, you will be charged $1 per day.

If you are New to Red Box, please read these tips:

*Make sure to go Here first to sign up! You can sign up to get an email newsletter, and text message services to get Free codes the first Monday of every month via text, that is a one time use code (no one else can use it!) You will also get a Free code via email when you sign up. You can also Fan Red Box on Face book Here!

*You can go Here to find a Red Box location near you!

*If you have never used Red box, it's so easy! When you are at the Red box follow these easy steps:

1. Red Box is a touch screen. Just touch the screen & follow the prompts.
2. On the main start page, if you are using a promo code- touch rent with a promo code.
3. Follow the simple prompts.
4. You will need to swipe a credit/debit card to complete the transaction, even if you are using a Free code. But you won't be charged unless you return the movie late & it's $1 per day.
5. Grab your movie, enjoy it, and return it to any Red Box anywhere!
6. You can also reserve movies online, but you CAN NOT use a Free code online. So if you have a code you'll have to do everything at the Red Box!

You can also go Here to learn more about Red Box!

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