Monday, April 5, 2010

Mailbox Monday - Freebies 4/5!

This week was a pretty good Freebies week in my mailbox, so I had to share!

This week I got Free magazine's, a Free pack of 5 React gum, Free Nestle coffee sticks, Free diapers (that I'll give to my sis b/c I don't have a baby), Free Tide laundry soap, tons of coupons including one for a Free bottle of Coffee-mate creamer & more!

To get the coupon for a Free bottle of Coffee-mate creamer - I just emailed the company Here and told them how much I loved their product and in return they mailed me a coupon for a Free bottle!

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  1. Great Week! Happy Mailbox Monday!

  2. i love companies that appreciate the compliments! hehehe

    Happy MM!

  3. Nice week! My dogs loved that Rachel Ray dog food I see in your pic ;-) Happy Mailbox Monday!

  4. So glad to have you join in on Mailbox Monday! Great week too....I got the Pampers diapers but my daughter is about through with them (Fingers crossed) so I'll be giving them away too. Lots of moms need them, right!!!

    Happy Mailbox Monday and I look forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  5. Great tip about Coffee Mate! I made iced coffee using their french vanilla creamer yesterday and it was a hit! I'm sure they would appreciate hearing that! And I'm sure I would appreciate a coupon! :)

    Happy Monday! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I got the diapers too - I am going to use them at night - Miss Maddy is potty training - We are almost through with the training part -- I am still in awe that I won't have to change diapers anymore!! Have a great week!

  7. This looks like a great week!


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