Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview - April 18th!

Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for the full list!This week we should be getting 1 Smart Source and a Red Plum insert!

*Coupons To Note*

* Birds eye veggies $.50 off - At a store that doubles, you could get these free or almost free after sale.

* Chex mix bars $.50 off - These go on sale often, so you should be able to get these super cheap!

*Fiber One cereal $.75 off - After a sale, you should be able to get a good price on this!

*Green works coupons - You should see some sales on this in honor of Earth Day!

*Huggies coupons - If you have a baby, it's always nice to have these coupons on hand.

*Totino's rolls & snacks $.40/2 - These go on sale for $1 often for the small package, making these very inexpensive.

* Purex $.35 off - This goes on sale often for as low $2.

*Remember to click Here to view all of the Upcoming Coupons, there are a lot more!

*If you plan on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons, Please remember that coupon inserts and values(for example you could get $.55 off & I could get $1/2)Vary by region & they are not guaranteed! Please flip through the newspaper & coupons to make sure that the inserts or particular coupons are there before you buy several copies!

*As always, I recommend buying an even number of newspapers and at least 2 copies of the Sunday Newspaper every week for Bogo sales ect.

*If you know of anywhere that is selling inexpensive Newspapers, please leave a comment below & share!

Sunday Newspapers are only $1.25 at UDF this week!

This week I would recommend getting between 2-4 newspapers! There are some good coupons this week.

*If you'd rather subscribe to your local Sunday newspaper, please GO HERE to Get Newspaper subscriptions at discounted rates to order a subscription for up to 50% off! You could subscribe, buy extras at the store, and order your favorite coupons! Or you could get more than 1 newspaper delivered to your door, and still order your favorite coupons from a clipping service!

If you want to save money using coupons, but don't want to purchase several newspapers, or if you purchase a few newspapers but want to have a few extra of your favorite coupons, please consider ordering coupons for a small handling fee from
Coupon Carry Out, Coupon Clippers or Click here to visit

**Also, don't forget to come back to
Tips From A Mom of 3 to see how to maximize your savings using these coupons with my weekly coupon/sale match-ups for CVS,Walgreens, Kroger, and Meijer!

The Coupon Clippers

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