Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh How My Garden Grows!


One of the Best ways to save money on produce is to Grow your own Garden! We have a Garden, and it seems to get bigger every year!
Here are a few picture's of our garden!

Here are a few of our potato plants!

We have a lot of different pepper plants, Here are some of them!

Here are a few of our tomato plants!

And, last but not least- Our Strawberry patch is thriving this year! It should only be a matter of time, before we started seeing some strawberries! This is my family's favorite! To be able to go out and pick your own fresh, red, juicy strawberries!

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  1. Here comes a million questions about your strawberries...

    How long have you had it(I remember you posted about it last year)?

    how big is it?

    are you able to eat fresh berries and have leftovers for storing for later in the year?

  2. Tosha,

    This is our 3rd year with the Starwberry patch! The first year, we just bought a few small plants, and we didn't get any strawberries. However they spread like crazy- so now our patch is pretty big!

    Last year was our second year, and we got pretty many strawberries. This year we will get even more. Every year it gets better. We do eat a lot of fresh berries, and we also freeze them to use later! The strawberries are one of my favorite parts of our garden!

  3. It looks awesome!! I have heard that strawberries spread like wild fire and you should keep them in containers, but they never seem to grow in containers.

    How are your potatoes doing? They look great! We are wanting to add them this year but we have never planted them before so I am a little afraid to add them. Are they like vines?

  4. Brianne,
    The potatos seem to be doing great this year, this is our first year growing potato's, so we'll have to see how it goes. They aren't like vines yet. We started with containers with the strawberries the first time a few years ago, and it didn't work out well for us, so we planted them in the ground, and yes they spread like wild fire. But the Strawberries are so yummy and we get so many. It is a lot of work to keep up with once they start producing the berries, but so worth it!


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