Thursday, June 10, 2010

If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, Now is the time!

If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, you really should now! Right now (only until Friday, 6/11/10) when you sign up HERE to join Swagbucks, enter code SUMMEROFSWAG and you will automatically get 50 Free Swagbucks!

If you are already a Swagbucks member, use this as a reminder to search, search, search, and win, win, win!

Not sure what Swagbucks is?

Basically you are rewarded "Swag Bucks" just for doing your Internet searches! Then you can turn in your swagbucks to get cool free stuff. I have been able to get Free e-gift cards (only 450 swagbucks gets you a $5 amazon card) and I have been able to get Free Starbucks gift cards! There are a lot of different rewards to pick from, but the e-gift cards & gift cards are my favorite!

In order to remind me to use Swagbucks, I downloaded the toolbar. Instead of using Google, I just do all of my Internet searches through Swagbucks! I Love it that I am earning Free stuff for doing something that I already do anyway (searching the web).

If you are not a member yet, I highly recommend signing up for Swagbucks Here! It's Free to sign up & you'll earn Free stuff. I normally win Swagbucks in the morning, and again in the evening! And, If you refer other's you can also get up to 1,000 Swagbucks whenever they earn a Swagbuck. So please sign up through my link Here!

Another Easy way to Earn more Swagbucks:

Another great way to earn more Swagbucks daily is to go to the "special offers" section on the Swagbucks Homepage. Click on "Ways to Earn" on the top left, and then click on the "No Obligation Offers" blue box on the right. Once you get to this page, it will state, "Welcome to Swag Bucks special Offers." Sign up for all of the special offers that you like and feel free to click skip on the rest, and find a special swag code at the end. Skip all the offers by clicking the skip button or the see the next offer button below each advertisement. After about 4-7 pages you will be rewarded with 2 or more Swagbucks!

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