Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards: Add 8 FREE Points!

Currently there are Two new codes that you can enter into your Disney Movie Rewards Account!
Enter code: J5RN24XPV9 for 5 Free points! Then enter code: SURPRISE for 3 Bonus Points!

If you haven't signed up for Disney Movie Rewards, I would recommend doing so now! Especially if you have children, Grandchildren (ect) that like Disney movies! Basically every time that you purchase a Disney Movie, or even go to the theatre to see a Disney movie, you will earn points! You can redeem the points for some awesome rewards! Disney Movie Rewards even puts out Free codes pretty often, so you can easily rack up your points even if you do not purchase a lot of movies! And Disney Movie rewards also provides coupons for Disney movies if you do want to purchase one! I Love Disney Movie Rewards, and chances are, you will too!

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