Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Free Movie Rentals from Red Box!

Redbox is the Best, and now there is a new reason to love them even more - FREE movies! Red box is giving everyone the chance to score free movie rental codes. The codes are valid for 10 days after they are deposited into your account.

Here's How it works:

1. Sign up HERE at Red 

2. Redbox will email you a unique web address, link code.

3. Every time someone reserves a movie online through your unique web address, you will receive a credit for a FREE one-night DVD rental!

4. If it is their first time reserving movies online, they will also receive a free one night rental!! So that means everyone can get a FREE rental! Whoo-hoo!

5. Make sure to share your unique web address, Email it to all your friends, Post it to Facebook, Tweet about it!!!

6. Now to just decide on which movie to get! Have you seen any good movies worth renting lately?

*Don't Forget to sign up for The Redbox Text Club! On the first Monday of every month, you will receive a One-time use free rental code via text message!

*Plus, Rent any Two movies and you'll get a code via email for a FREE rental! Go HERE for all the details! Valid March 30th through April 11th.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment & share!

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