Thursday, August 11, 2011

SavingStar: eCoupons with a Twist!


We now have a new way to save with eCoupons at over 26,000 stores across the country through It is not your typical eCoupon site though! This is the company that manages the Upromise eCoupon system so these eCoupons work very similar to Upromise.

It is very easy to use SavingStar and just plain Awesome!

Here's How it Works:

  • Login or Register with SavingStar Here.
  • Enter all of your store shopper cards (There are tons of participating stores!)
  • Load all of the coupons to your card! There is no limit, and you might as well load them all so that they are already there if you buy something! Also the coupons are loaded to every card you enter so no matter where you buy it, you'll get your savings!
  • Go shopping as usual with all your paper coupons. You can still use paper coupons and other discounts in-store with these eCoupons!
  • Your savings from the SavingStar eCoupons are deposited into an online savings account.
  • Once your account reaches a minimum of $5, you can get your money back in Paypal, Amazon gift cards or other options.

Using SavingStar is a simple and fun way to save/earn some extra money, Go Here to sign up now!

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