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Sunday Link Love ~ {Extreme Couponing Edition} You Gotta Read This!!

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                      What's going on around the Blogosphere?

This past Wednesday @ 10/9c on TLC the show Extreme Couponing premiered, and it has been the "talk" of the week around the Blogospere! Did you watch it? Do you plan on watching it again? What do you think about it! Now, I know what you are thinking... you're probably wondering what I think about it...

Well, first of all, I AM NOT AN EXTREME COUPONER (like those on the show)! I Do Not participate in or recommend shelf clearing (I'm against it). I also Do Not participate or recommend unnecessary stockpiling. I am Not a Hoarder, Nor do I encourage it!  I only have a "very small" stockpile of the items that my family uses, or for items for donations, but I do so responsibly (for instance I will not buy 20 or even 10 bottles of hot sauce to donate, because frankly that is not a necessity.) When I use coupons, I use them Fair, and Honest, and not in an excessive way! I would say that I am Frugal, and that I use coupons to keep our expenses low, and our Budget in check. It is possible to be a "Smart Shopper" using coupons in a Non-Extreme, Realistic Way!

Here is what some other Bloggers are saying about Extreme Couponing...

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