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29 Days of Couponing Tips: All about Coupon Clipping Services!

Every day for the month of February, I am sharing Couponing Tips to help you to Get Started with Couponing!
Day 1: Coupon Inserts 101
Day 2: Printable Coupons 101
Day 3: eCoupons 101

Today, we are talking about Coupon Clipping Services!

Some of you might be wondering what a coupon clipping service is? Basically, it is a service that scouts out coupons, clips them, and then mails them to you for a small fee. You are not actually buying the coupon, but paying for the time involved in the sorting, clipping, filing, and mailing of the coupons.

How much does it costs?

The prices vary by site, but typically costs anywhere from 5 cents to a dollar. The price depends on many factors including the type, amount, demand, and availability. Some sites also charge a shipping fee, and some have minimum order requirements.

Will It Save Me Money? Why Should I Spend money to Save money?

Coupons are worth a lot of money. If you have a $1 coupon, it is equal to $1 in cash! (I Love coupons, if you didn't know that yet! LOL) Coupons will save you a lot of money! Whether you are an "Extreme Couponer" or not, then coupon clipping services are for you!

If you would like to be a more strategic shopper but you don't have the time to purchase multiple newspapers & organize them all, then Coupon Clipping services will work for you, all you do is find the coupons you need, pay a small fee & within a few days you'll have the coupons to get in on all the great deals! Those coupons will save you a ton of money!

Maybe you already buy a bunch of newspaper inserts and you're already an "Extreme Couponer." You can use a coupon clipping service to stock up on your favorite coupons, and to get more coupons for a great Stockpiling sale.

Another reason to use a coupon clipping service:

Coupons vary by region. Maybe you got a coupon for $1/2, and in another region they received the same coupon for $.50 off, which will double at some stores, making it a better coupon. Shopping around at the Coupon Clipping services will help to maximize your savings even more!

Whatever your situation, Coupon clipping services are a great way to accumulate coupons and Trust me, It pays to use a coupon clipping service!

Here's an example:

*If you order 7 coupons for $1 off an item and it costs 10 cents per coupon, plus shipping & handling fees, and say it costs you $2 to save $7 with those coupons. Or say you buy 15 coupons for $3 and save $15. Using a Coupon Clipping Service will save you money!

I am an affiliate to all of these coupon clipping sites, when you click through to purchase coupons, you are supporting Tips From A Mom of 3! Thank You! All of these sites are legit, and reliable.

Tips: You should never pay more than face value for a coupon. I prefer using these sites instead of ebay.

My Favorite Coupon Clipping Services to Use:

* - Located in Illinois (IL). Order clipped coupons or whole inserts! Check them out today!

*Coupons by Dede - Order clipped coupons or whole inserts! Fast & Reliable. Located in Texas.

*Coupon Carryout - An Ohio based coupon clipping service! No minimum orders & ships FAST! - Sells whole coupon inserts! Also sells Binder kits to help you to get your coupons organized!

The Coupon Clippers

*The Coupon Clippers - They offer a preview of upcoming coupons in the Sunday newspaper each week to help get you prepared.They are also Fast & Reliable. Located in Florida.

*Manufacturers Coupons- An ebay coupon clipper for years, now an independent coupon clipping service! Make sure to check it out!!!

Do you have any questions or comments about Coupon Clipping Services?
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Next up in the 29 Days of Couponing Tips Series..... Tomorrow we will look at More Ways to Find Coupons!

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