Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Packets For The Freezer!


My kids and I love smoothies, especially for a quick breakfast, or after school snack! When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I had to try it out myself! I love the yoplait smoothie packets, but as the Frugal Mom that I am, I only buy them when I have a coupon, and they are on sale for super cheap.

This idea works wonders for my family, because it is a quick, easy, and less expensive option!

You will need:

  • Fruit of your choice. My family loves the strawberry banana combo! You can buy it already frozen & chopped, or you can do as I did, and buy it fresh- then chop it up yourself.
  • Yogurt of your choice. We opted for the Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt.
  • Ziplock bags/ freezer bags that you prefer.
  • Ice cube trays or muffin tin

Tip: To easily compare prices to see which store has fruit, yogurt, ect. cheapest is to use the All You grocery circular roundup. Just go to the "search by item" tab, type in the item that you are looking for, example - "strawberries". Then all the stores advertised prices will show up and you can easily see which store has the lowest price! You can also check the coupon database to look for coupons to match, for example you can type in "yogurt" to look for any available yogurt coupons.

Here's How To Make These Easy Smoothie Packets...

  1. Scoop the yogurt into an ice cube tray or muffin tin. Place it in the freezer until it's frozen. This should take about an hour or two.
  2. Chop your fresh fruit. Next, lay the fruit in a single layer on a cookie sheet. I used wax paper on my cookie sheet first. If you have a silpat mat you could use that. Stick the fruit in the freezer to freeze as well.
  3. After everything is frozen, you will just need to bag it all up. I personally used 2-3 yogurt cubes, and about cup to a cup and a half of fruit. After everything was bagged up, I put them all together in a container - so that they are all in one easy spot to find in the freezer!

Now, the next time that my kids want  a smoothie, all that I have to do is pull out a smoothie packet out of the freezer, dump it in my Magic Bullet , add a little milk - and voila an easy, yummy, and inexpensive smoothie!

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