Thursday, April 19, 2012

FREE Greeting Card from Treat + Free Shipping!

Treat Mother's Day Greeting Cards

Tiny Prints Greeting Cards is now called Treat. Treat is an easy and innovative service for people to create personalized greetings that reflect their style, personality and special relationships. Customers choose their card, and if they want, make it personal by adding photos, nicknames, inside jokes or whatever kind of goodness they've got going.

To celebrate the launch, you will receive your first card FREE! Go Here to create and order your first greeting card & use code: FREETREAT at checkout!

Note: Customers can choose the “Send it to me first” shipping option to receive the card free. If they choose “Mail it directly to the recipient,” they will be charged $0.44 for postage. Limit one per household.

This is a great time to create a Mother's Day Card for FREE!

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  1. Is this where you always get your cards from?

    Love you!!


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