Friday, May 25, 2012

Teacher Gift Idea :: Fun & Easy To Make!

Here is a cute Teacher gift idea! You can give this gift to your child's teacher from the whole class, or just from your child.

I got this idea from Here. It is really easy to do. We did our gift from the whole class. I secretly emailed all of the kids parents in the class and asked for donations. Then I took all of the money and purchased the teacher a few gift cards. If this is too much for you to do, and your doing this gift solo, then you could still do this idea & just eliminate the gift card, or just add a gift card that your family can afford to give.

First, we planted a few pretty flowers in a pot. For the envelope, download and print this template. Then you will need to Fold a piece of card stock, then trace and cut out a flower, as shown. Glue the edges to form a pocket.Then I just slid the gift cards into the paper flower envelope. I also made a few extra paper flowers that weren't envelopes.

 I also printed this tag, and bookmark Here on plain white card stock. (source).

To stick the paper flowers, and tag into the dirt, I just went to my local Kroger Floral department and purchased the picks/holders (whatever you want to call it!). They were only about 10 cents each. But you could always make your own using floral wire.

The teacher loved this gift! Do you have any great teacher gift idea's? Share in the comments!

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