Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Freebies & Offers

Diapers will probably be one of the biggest expenses in your child's first 3 years! Did you know that on average your baby will need more than six thousand diaper changes during that time! When I was pregnant with the twins, I expected that number to double to 12,000 diaper changes, and those numbers swirled through my head!(My twins are now 4 yrs. old. Oh my goodness-they grow up too fast!) I knew that I had to do something to help us to save some money! We started stocking up on diapers right away, you can never have too many diapers! I also started applying for free samples & offers. Here are a few tips, and offers that I'd like to share with you!
Tip #1
When you get into the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy, start buying a pack of diapers once a week, or every other week. Skip the preemie or newborn diapers-you will only need a few packs of these & you'll probably get them at your baby shower(if you have one). So go for the larger sizes!
Tip #2
A simple trick that I learned from having twins--is to save your money by not buying an expensive diaper genie. We put the dirty diaper in a plastic shopping type bag, tied it in a knot & brought it outside to the trash immediately. This eliminated having odors in our house & saved us money on having to buy an expensive diaper pail. If you just have to have a diaper pail, purchase the least inexpensive one & do the grocery bag methods above. It will work the same way as a diaper genie!
Tip #3
Always look for sales & coupons on diapers, or try a warehouse store like Sam's club, or Costco. Usually when you buy in bulk-it will save you money. Here are a few helpful offers that you can also take advantage of:
*Sign up at Pampers here to get periodic mailings, coupons, special offers, coupons, and lots more
*Huggies mail list for coupons here
*Join Huggies Baby network for newsletter, coupons, and more here
*Luvs diapers coupons here
I hope that this has been helpful for you! Oh, and I'd also like to say-- Congrats to all of you new and expectant Moms out there! It is a very special time of your life -- cherish it! They really do grow up way too fast!


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