Friday, August 15, 2008

Freebie Friday

Act fast on these Freebies!!!

*Free Olay body wash to the first 500 people here

*Free Venus Razor to the first 500 people here

*Free promotional cell phone holder here

Health & Beauty Samples

*Free sample of Aromatherapy shampoo here

*Free sample of Degree girl here

*Free sample of Degree men's deodorant here

*Free sample of Lactaid here

*Free sample of Sensodyne toothpaste here

Other Samples

*Free sippy cup or thermal freezer here (I found this at Mommysnacks)

*Free sample of 10 sheets 4" x 6'' Recycled Super Sticky Post it notes here

(I found this at freebies for Mom)

*Free Hand warmer packets here

*Free sample of Flush the fat here

*Free downloadable book about sleeping disorders here

*Free sample of Perfect natural sleep aid here


*$1.50 off 1 yoplait kids yogurt here (My favorite coupon this week. My kids love these!)

*$1 off coupon for Happy to Fly (naural anti-anxiety formula) here

*$2 Off Women's Sleep Pretty in Pink (natural sleep formula) here

*Coupon for a free bottle of Country Bob's sauce here

*Coupon for B1G1 Ziploc Brand Big bags here

*Coupon for $1 off Kashi Go lean Crunch here
(Thanks goes to Aimee for this one that she emailed me!)

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