Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to become a Coupon Queen Part 1....

I decided to write this post for all of the aspiring coupon queens out there! My family & close friends call me a coupon queen, LOL!

A lot of people have been asking me, "Where do I get all of my coupons?"

So, I'm going to give you some tips on how to accumulate lots of money-saving coupons!
Tip #1
I always buy several Sunday newspapers! On average I buy between 4 -10 papers each week, depending on how many inserts are included, and if I notice a particular coupon for an item I frequently buy. My MIL, also gives me her coupons, after she clips the ones she wants. My advice is to start buying the Sunday paper, and even ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers ect. for their unused coupons. Another idea is to trade coupons with friends, family ect.
For example, If I have a coupon for an item I won't buy but know that my Mom could use it, then I'll give it to her, and in return, she'll give me a coupon for something I needed.

Tip #2
I also print several coupons from the Internet. In my left column you will notice a section that says printable coupons. Before I go to the store, while I'm scanning the ads, and writing out my shopping list, I always check out my favorite coupon sites to see if there are any printable coupons for the things that I need. Sometimes printable coupons are better than the ones from the Sunday paper. Here's another tip: When you are printing Bricks coupons, if you hit the back button, and then refresh, it will let you print a second coupon. However, you can only print 2. If you have access to multiple computers, than you can print 2 per computer! I also post links to the online coupons that I use, which will save you time from trying to search for them yourself!

Tip #3
There are also many offers online to have a coupon mailed to you. If I ever find any good coupons online-- I will share a link with you, on how to apply for it!

Tip #4
Always keep your eyes open & your mind focused when you are shopping at a store. I can't tell you how many times that I've spotted coupons on tearpads, blinkies, (machine that has coupons & it usually blinks) and peelies ( sticker on a product that you pull off and give to the cashier).
Usually whenever I see a coupon, I pick it up. Because you never know when that item will go on sale, and then you'll already have a coupon for it.

Tip #5
I've never actually done this, but I've heard that you can actually purchase clipped coupons from Ebay. If your interested, then that's an idea to check it out!

Tip #6
I'm sure that you've heard me talk about All You magazine on several occasions! All You is a magazine that is only sold at Walmart or by subscription. Every month there are a lot of money saving coupons inside! The mag cost under $2, and you get a lot more than $2 in savings!
Besides All you, I've found coupons in several magazines. So when your flipping through your mags, make sure to be on the lookout for coupons!

These are the most common ways that I use to add coupons to my coupon stash! How do you get your coupons? Do you have a tip... if so please share!

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  1. My oldest son is selling magazine subscriptions. I just found a year subscription to All You for $16! I am ordering! I had no idea until you told us that it was full of coupons each month. Thanks! I get to help my son's school and our family!


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