Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to become a Coupon Queen Part 2...

Here are some more tips for all of the aspiring coupon queens out there....

Tip #1
In part 1 , I shared with you some tips on how to accumulate coupons. Now it's time to get them organized! There are several different ways to organize your coupons. Some people use a small accordion style coupon organizer, some people use an index card size box, you could use a shoe box, empty diaper wipes box, or a plastic shoebox sized container. There are so many options, and the trick is to find what works best for you. I started out with a small coupon organizer & quickly grew out of it. Then I tried the shoebox method. I used envelopes and stapled an index card to it and labeled them, then organized them into a Rubbermaid type shoebox. Again, this just wasn't working for me. Now I use a coupon binder & I love it. I'm not ever going to switch again! I posted a video about my coupon binder here, if you missed it! I also posted about how I clip my coupons here.

Tip #2
Create a Price book! This is one of the first things that I did when I started "Couponing."
I have a small notebook & in it I have listed the different stores & prices of items that I frequently buy. Many stores try to trick you into thinking that your getting a good deal, when you really aren't. By knowing the prices of products, I am able to quickly check if something is really a "bargain" or good deal by quickly looking into my price book. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in saving money at the store!

Tip #3
Rebates and Refunds! There are many rebates out there on products & I recommend taking advantage of these offers! Always keep all of your receipts! Now repeat after me, Always keep all of your receipts! You never know when a rebate or try me free offer will come out. If this happens and you know that you already purchased the product, but threw out your receipt than you'll miss out on it! So, I always keep all of my receipts. I have an envelope that I label with the month on it, and stick all of my receipts into it. Anyways, before I submit a rebate, I always make a photocopy of the form, the receipt, and the proof of purchase, UPC code, ect. and then I paperclip the photocopies together and put them in a folder designated for my rebates that I've submitted and waiting on, so that I know where to easily find them.

Tip #4
If there is a certain product or brand product that you love, call the toll free number on the product, or send a quick email to the company and tell them! Sometimes they will send you coupons!

Tip #5
Also, if there is a problem with the product, call the toll free number, or send a quick email. Remember to always be kind, don't get an attitude! Most of the time they will send you a coupon. For example--A couple months ago I bought a bag of charcoal. When I got home from the store & carried the bag to my backyard, the whole bottom of the bag busted & charcoal went everywhere! It was not fun. But I called the company and they sent me a coupon in the mail to get another bag Free! So, it's always worth a try!

Tip #6
If a product is on sale and it is sold out, don't forget to get a raincheck, so that you can take advantage of the deal when the product finally comes in!

Tip #7
No store or brand name loyalty!
I used to only shop at Kroger's and Walmart, but a lot has changed. Now I go to several stores ( that are close by & I combine trips to save on gas!) to save the most money! I have also learned to be more openminded and willing to try new products and name brands. And I love being able to try new things, and I'm saving a lot of money.

Tip #8
I used to write my weekly meal plan, then write my grocery list to get the items I needed for my meal plans. Now I find the deals, and sales first, then I'll write my shopping lists & meal plan. Basically, the coupon deals determine what we'll be eating that week. And that's how I've learned to save money at the grocery store!

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