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Meijer 101

Here are some tips on how to maximize your savings at Meijer Stores!

Getting started:

View Meijer's Offical Coupon Policy Here (scroll down until you see it). Print it and keep it in your Coupon Binder. It will come in handy if you need to show it to a cashier, because unfortunately some cashiers are not familiar with their own store's coupon policy!

You will  need to find a Meijer closest to you & find out when their sales run. The Meijer stores in the Greater Cincinnati area run their Ads from Sunday through Saturday.
You can view the weekly ad here.

Printable Coupons

Meijer will accept printable, or Internet Printable Coupons. They do however have the right to limit quantities, and refuse any coupon that looks suspicious.

Store Coupons and "Stacking"

Meijer Mealbox coupons are printable Meijer Store Coupons.  Meijers Mealbox can also help you to plan your meals, and recipes. To get to the Meijer Mealbox coupons, just click on the "specials" tab in the Meijer Mealbox widget. To add a coupon, click on "add to shopping list." To print the coupons, click on the "shopping list" tab. Then click on "print shopping list." You can uncheck the shopping list and only print the coupons if you wish. Meijer Mealbox coupons do not double.

Meijer Mealbox Coupons Can Be Used in addition to a manufacturer's coupon. We couponers also call this "stacking". Stacking is when you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon per item.

Here is an example:

Dannon Yogurt is only sale for $2 each
You Buy (2) for a total of $4.
You use (2) $1 off Dannon Yogurt Manufacturer coupons
You can ALSO Use a Meijer Mealbox Store Coupon for $1/2 Dannon yogurts
Your Final Price after coupons for (2) Dannon Yogurts is only $1, or $.50 each.

By Stacking a Meijer Mealbox Store Coupon with a Manufacturer coupon and a sale, you are maximizing your savings!


Meijer also has their own Digital Coupons (also known as eCoupons or Electronic Coupons) called mPerks.

Please refer to my post here to learn more about mPerks!

mPerks are considered Meijer Store Coupons. Therefore, you can STACK (or combine) an mPerks coupon with a manufacturer's coupon. However, according to the Meijer coupon policy, you can only use one manufacturer and one store coupon per product. So you can not use both an mPerk coupon and a Meijer Mealbox coupon for the same item, you will have to choose one or the other. mPerks coupons will not double.

Double Coupons

Meijer Stores in the Greater Cincinnati area will double manufacturer's coupons with a face value up to $1 off. So if you have a manufacturer's coupon for 25 cents off, you'd actually get 50 cents off. If you have a coupon for 75 cents off, you'd still get $1 off.

However there is a limit of two identical coupons that will double per transaction. So, if you have more than 2 coupons that you want to double, you'd have to do separate transactions!

Doubling coupons may vary by different regions. If you are unsure if your store doubles coupons, then please check with your local store.

Catalina Coupons or Custom Coupons

Meijers also does "Catalina" coupons, also known as Custom Coupons. Catalina coupons are coupons that print out of a separate machine, by where your receipt prints out. Sometimes there are some great deals such as Buy 4 of specific products, get a catalina for $3 off your next order (ect.) To view all of the available Custom Coupons, you can go to the Meijer Mealbox widget, and click on "Specials." Then click on, "Custom Coupons." Always make sure to check the machine for your catalina coupons.

Sale limits

At Meijer, it is often that they have a limit on a particular item, such as limit of 2. If this is the case & you want to stock up on that particular item, you'd have to make several trips to Meijers that week!

Rain Checks

If any item you were planning on purchasing is out of stock, don't forget to ask for a rain check, so that you can still get the good deal when the item is back in stock! Even if you are planning another trip later in the week, still ask for a rain check just in case.  The rain check will be valid for thirty days after the sale. If you have a rain check it will also allow you more time to obtain more coupons.

Helpful Tips:

Whenever the ad states buy 10 for $10, or buy 3/$5 (ect.) You don't have to purchase 10. They would just be $1 ea. (ect.) Usually when Meijers runs a 10 for $10 sale, you usually get the 11th item Free!

 During a buy one get one free sale, you should be able to use (2) coupons. One for each item! Or a coupon for $1/2  (ect.)

Meijers community Rewards & Upromise

Earn rewards for your local k-12 school, and religious groups just by shopping at Meijers!

Here's how it works:

Enrolled members shop Meijer, simply paying with cash, PIN-based debit card or linked Meijer Credit Card. Purchases made with a linked Meijer Credit Card earn 1%. Purchases made with cash or PIN-based debit card and a swiped Meijer 1 Card earn 0.5%.
Each year, at least 6% of Meijer net profits go toward overall community giving - one of the highest percentages in the retail industry!

First, you will need to go here to apply for a Meijer 1 card. Or go here to apply for Meijer credit card.  (Tip: Write down your card number after you apply, then come back here to sign up for Upromise(Below). Meijer will mail you the card within 2-3 weeks. Every time you shop at Meijer, just simply swipe/scan the card & a percentage of qualifying purchases will be donated to your chosen school, or religious group! It's very easy & it doesn't cost you anything!


Save for College with Meijers and Upromise!

After you have applied for the Meijer 1 card, or credit card. I would highly recommend signing up with Upromise. What is Upromise? Upromise is a FREE program that earns you extra money for your child's college, grandchilds college, or anyone that you choose!

Here's how it works:

1. After you've applied for your Meijer card, please come back here and click here to sign up for Upromise. (It doesn't cost you anything to sign up for Upromise)

2. Enter your grocery or loyal customer card numbers, such as Meijers 1 card number, Kroger's plus card number, CVS Extra Care Card ect.

3. Scan your Meijers 1 card when shopping at Meijers, and earn a certain percentage of the amount of your order total.

Updated: March 2011 - Upromise program changes. It is now only valid on purchases.


More Questions?

Contact your local store manager

Contact Customer Service or call  toll-free at 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537)

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