Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

This week I wanted to share some tips with you about eating out!
  • If you're at a fast food restaurant, ask for a nutrition fact sheet first. It will show you the best low-fat choices!
  • If you're going to a sit-down restaurant, check the nutrition fact sheet online first & plan what you'll eat ahead of time! Or if it's a last minute thing, look at the menu & look for meals that are "light" or "heart-healthy."
  • Once the server arrives, ask him or her to recommend lighter meals. If you've found something that you like, start asking questions like, Can it be grilled or broiled (not fried) without butter or oil? Can the fat be trimmed? Can the dish be served without gravy or sauce? Can you order a smaller children's portion? Can you order an appetizer sized portion with a side of steamed vegetables? Don't be shy! Like you, there are many Americans out there that are concerned with their health. And most restaurants are more than happy to help!
  • You could also ask a friend (ect.) to split the entree with you.
  • Be first to order. If you hear what others are ordering, you might want to change your mind!
  • Skip the bread! And remember to limit alcoholic beverages. They have no fat, but they are filled with calories & they add up quick!
  • Eat slowly! And stop eating when you feel full!

Here are a Few good choices at some local fast food restaurants:

  • At Mcdonalds choose: A premium grilled chicken classic sandwich, 420 calories & 9 gr. fat, or Bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken (choose fat free dressing) 260 cal. & 9 gr. fat, or a Grilled chicken Caesar salad (fat free dressing) 220 cal. & 6 gr. fat., Apple dippers with low-fat caramel dip is only 100 cal. & 0.5 gr. fat, fruit & yogurt parfait 160 cal. & 2 gr. fat!
  • Subway-Choose no cheese, no mayo. Instead try mustard, or vinegar. If you crave a salty snack choose baked chips, or pretzels. 6" turkey breast sandwich 280 cal. 4.5 gr. fat, 6" ham & turkey sandwich, 290 cal. 5 gr. fat, 6" veggie delight sandwich 230 cal. and 3 gr. fat, or Veggie delight salad 60 cal & 1 gr. fat!
  • Taco Bell- One beef taco is 190 cal & 8 gr. fat, Bean burrito fresco style 350 cal. & 8 gr. fat, Fiesta chicken burrito, fresco style 340 cal & 8 gr. fat, cinnamon twist 160 cal & 5 gr. fat.
  • Wendy's- Ultimate grilled chicken sandwich 360 cal & 7 gr. fat, Jr. hamburger, plain 280 cal & 9 gr. fat, Baked potato, plain 270 cal & 0 gr. fat. Chili small is 220 cal and 6 gr. fat.
  • Burger King- Tendergrill chicken sandwich with honey mustard 450 cal & 10 gr. fat
  • Arby's- Hot ham & cheese sandwich 270 cal & 8 gr. fat
Remember that grilled chicken is a good option for any restaurant. And plain is the way to go. Always choose low-fat or fat-free dressing on the side. And most all restaurants have their nutrition facts online.
I hope that this was helpful for you!

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