Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coupon Reminder...

This week we should be getting 1 Smart Source insert & 1 Red Plum insert!
Go to Taylortown Preview HERE to view the full list of expected coupons!
If you are new to "couponing" and not sure how many papers to buy, I'd recommend getting an even number just in case if a good B1G1 free deal comes along. The minimum that I buy is 2, and the most that I've ever bought at once is ten. It just depends on how many good coupons are in there, or coupons for items that I frequently buy. This week looks OK. There is a coupon for Cottonelle toilet paper 25 cents off. This doubles to 50 cents off at Kroger, so you can get a 4 pack of toilet paper for 50 cents. Combine this with an ecoupon, From Shortcuts, or cellfire, and get Free toilet paper.

I did notice last Sunday that the Sunday paper is NO longer 99 cents at Kroger! I still haven't found anywhere that is 99 cents!
Does anyone out there know where to find a Sunday newspaper for 99 cents?
If so, please leave a comment & share!
Thank you!


  1. Dollar tree sells them for a $1. If you have a DEALS store(owned by dollar tree, similar to family dollar) they have papers for $1 also. I was in there one week on a Wednesday and they still had sunday papers

  2. From what I understand, Dollar Tree has the Sunday paper for $1. I'm going to check it out tomorrow.


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