Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I got in my mailbox...

This week I got FREE magazine's galore! No free samples, just magazines!
*Free O (Oprah) magazine
*Ready Made magazine
*Woman's Day
*TV Guide
*Free Parents magazine, and a Magical cracker storybook.
*Free Prevention magazine
*Free Everyday living mag, Recipes and a whole page of coupons!

Do you wonder what I do with all my FREE magazine's? Well first I flip through & look for coupons, then I'll read any interesting articles. After I'm done reading them, I bring them to Half Price books and actually make money off of them. It's not a lot of money, but every penny counts in my family! I would recommend going through all of your old books & magazines and doing the same thing. You could take the cash, or turn around and spend it in the store. With Christmas right around the corner, you could look for a book to buy for someone on your list. There are several children's books that are reasonably inexpensive. Just another Frugal gift giving idea! I make a trip once a month to Half price books and usually get between $3-$4 each month from just turning in my FREE magazines.

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