Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Easy Tips on How to Cut your Spending & Save Money

Five Easy Tips on How to Cut Your Spending & Save Money

You do not need to be an "extreme couponer" (like I am) to save money!

1. Even if you don't buy several newspapers a week, I still would recommend at least getting one. You should at least cut out the coupons that you'd use. If you don't have a lot of time. Although I recommend buying several papers, and saving all the coupons just in case if an awesome sale comes up & you wished that you had the coupon.

2. Always write a shopping list and paper clip your coupons to it, or use an envelope. And only buy the items that are on the list. I know that there have been numerous times in the past that I would walk into a store to just buy a few things, and then end up walking out with a cart full, and no money left in my pocket. Using this method, really does save you money!

3. If you don't have a coupon for a certain product that you need, or it's not on sale, it is usually always smarter to buy the store brand. As always-- it is often that name brand products w/sale & coupon are less expensive than the store brand, so you just have to be careful & pay attention.

4. Use what you have first, before running to the store to buy more. What does this mean? Well it is too often that the kids or DH are complaining that we have "nothing to eat" and want to go buy more, when in fact the pantry is completely full! So try eating the things that you already have, before going shopping to buy more. This applies to other items used in your household-not just food (like Hobby supplies, beauty care items ect.). Using what you have first will help you to spend less, and it will help to keep clutter out of your house. The only exception to this rule is of course that if it's FREE or almost free, and you have a use for the item than get it!

5. Shop the Sales. Every time that you go shopping challenge yourself to spend less. Try not to buy something that is regular price, only look for sale or clearanced items. And before you buy an item think about how much you really need it. You'll end up spending a lot less. If you learn to be a "bargain shopper" and each time you go shopping you are searching for a deal, soon enough it will become a game that you'll look forward to playing, and each time you'll challenge yourself more.


  1. I Love how you have been putting tips on how to be Frugal. So far I think that every thing that you have put up here has been very helpful. Thank you so much and keep up the Great work!!


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