Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter is over, and now Spring Cleaning is on my mind! Here a few tips to get you motivated & started on Spring Cleaning. (If you haven't started yet, like me, I've been so busy lately-but since it's April now, it is my goal to get all my Spring Cleaning finished this month!)

Basic Tips:
*So that I don't get too overwhelmed I concentrate on one room per day, or per week. Whichever works better with your schedule.
*When cleaning always use this rule of thumb- clean top to bottom!
*When doing each room use 3 bags/boxes. Label each bag/box as follows:
1) Garbage
2) Donate- items to give away to Good Will or other
3) Sell (items to be stored until our yard/garage sale)
This helps to keep everything organized where it need to go.
*Bring all of your cleaning products/items with you to avoid any unnecessary trips in/out of the room your cleaning.
*Estimate how long you think it will take to tackle job (a) then set a timer & try to beat the time. It will get done sooner than you think! If you are finished before the timer goes off use this time to relax and do something you enjoy like reading a magazine or book, watch tv ect. until the timer does go off. Then start on the next job (b) and repeat this process. If you don't beat the timer don't beat yourself up, just work until your finished then try again on the next job. But remember to be thorough when cleaning, it will make cleaning easier next time!
* It always helps me to have a checklist with my goals/to-do's and then to check them off as I go! This helps so that I can see what I've accomplished & what still needs to be done!
There are many printable checklists from the web, or you can make your own! Here are a few of my favorites:
*Woman's Day magazine has awesome printable spring cleaning lists HERE

* offers a printable spring cleaning list that you can personalize.
* has a complete spring cleaning checklist & spring cleaning guide
*Chart Jungle has printable charts for just about everything! Including cleaning charts!

Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? Please leave a comment! Thank you for reading!

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