Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Month, New Coupons

It is easy to save money with You can print directly from my purple box on the left sidebar! And when you print from my website, you are actually helping to support this blog. It is a new month so the coupons have been reset! Here are a few good ones to print:

*$5 off Leapster games- These games are on sale at Target this week for $15 ea. After using this coupon they're only $10 ea. which is a really good deal! These leapster games are regular price $25 ea.

*$.50 off Cottonelle - They used to sell the 4 packs of Cottonelle at Kroger for $.99 ea. and with this coupon they'd be Free. However they have discontinued these in all of my local Kroger stores! I'm totally bummed about this!

*B1G1 Free Aqua Juice - My kids loved this juice! Combine this coupon with a MQ!

There are a lot more great coupons, so please make sure to check regularly by clicking on my box on my left sidebar! They change often! So if you see a good one don't wait. Because next time you come back, it might be gone! Also if you already printed these coupons last month, you should be able to print them again since it's a new month!

Also don't forget to check these e-coupons sites! Good at Kroger stores! No coupon clipping required! Just load them onto your Kroger Plus card & the amount will automatically come off at checkout!
P&G E-savers - coupons have been reset. The new coupons are good until 6/09.

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