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Tips For Beginners: How to Accumulate Coupons/Where to find coupons!

There are Coupons everywhere! Finding them is the Fun part! Here are some ways to Get lots of Money Saving Coupons! The main reason how I save hundreds of dollars every month is by using coupons. Typically I save about 50 to 75% on groceries every month by using coupons, and I save about 80 to 90% at CVS and Walgreens by using coupons! The first step in saving lots of money is by accumulating lots of coupons!

Sunday Newspapers -My main source of coupons is from Sunday Newspapers! About 80% of the coupons I use come from Sunday Newspapers. The first step to saving money is to stock up on coupons from Sunday newspapers!

Here are some useful tips:

*Subscribe to get your Sunday newspaper delivered to your door every Sunday morning. You can subscribe to 1 paper, look through to check out the coupons, then go to the store to buy extras, or order your favorite coupons from a Coupon Clipping service. Or you can Subscribe to get more than 1 newspaper delivered. Subscribing to get your newspaper delivered is usually cheaper than paying $2 per paper at the store, and there usually is better coupons in the inserts if you subscribe. Order from Discounted newspapers to get 50% off of your newspaper subscription.

*Every Saturday go to! Even if you subscribe, make sure to go to the actual website every Saturday late afternoon or evening! On my Website I will share links to websites that offer the complete coupon preview. I also Highlight the coupons that I think are the best coupons. Knowing what coupons to expect each week, will help you to plan, and therefore, helping you to save more money!

Here are some easy steps to help you decide how many newspapers to buy:
- After checking the preview and expected coupons, keep a note of any coupons of items that you need or will use. For example we buy coffee creamer on a regular basis whether there is a coupon or not. If on the preview there is a coupon for $.50 off coffee creamer than I know that that's a coupon I will use on a regular basis so I will buy extra newspapers because that is one of my favorite coupons! I will use that coupon at Meijer or Kroger because they double coupons so I will get $1 off instead of just 50 cents.

- Another way to decide on How many papers to buy - Buy 1 newspaper per person in your family. For a Family of 4, buy a minimum of 4 papers a week. If you are just starting to build a stockpile buy more papers, someone who already has a stockpile will probably buy less.

-Always buy an even number of newspapers. This will come in handy for B1G1 free sales and deals. If you have a family of 3- instead of buying 3 newspapers buy 4 to make it an even amount!

More Tips about newspapers:

*If you plan on purchasing several newspapers just for the coupons,
remember that the inserts vary by region, and remember that they are not guaranteed! Check each newspaper to make sure that the inserts are there, and even flip through the inserts if you are looking forward to a particular coupon, before buying them.

*I also recommend checking each insert before purchasing several- you are not guaranteed coupon inserts! The worst thing in the world is when your expecting 3 inserts in each newspaper, you get home and 2 of the newspapers are missing an insert. Because there are some BAD people out there that Steal inserts out of newspapers, and sometimes the person putting it together forgot or something! Anyways, it takes a few extra minutes before buying them to flip through, but in the long run it will save you headaches! If a cashier approaches you & accuses you of stealing or asks what you doing just kindly explain that you only buy the newspaper for coupons, you are honest but other people are not so you are just checking to make sure that they are there before you spend your hard earned money on the newspapers! Usually the cashier is sympathetic & understands.

*Ask neighbors, friends, and family members for their unused coupon inserts. If they are not using them they usually are more than happy to give them to you instead of throwing them away! You'll never know unless you ask!

*Another source to get free coupon inserts:At Panera Bread, McDonald's, other restaurants that serve breakfast, Hospital or Doctors office waiting rooms ect. are common places to find unused coupon inserts. Most people read the newspaper and leave the coupon inserts, and newspaper when they are done. I have found coupon inserts left at these places & normally they would just go in the trash. Don't steal them, but if nobody is using them & they are left there than I think its okay. I would never make a special trip to these places to look for coupons in this manner. But if you are at one of these places already than keep your eyes open!

*You could also Trade coupons with Friends/Family members or on a Forum.

More Ways to Get Coupons:
*Order coupons from a Coupon Clipping Service. This is a great way to get all of your favorite coupons. Go Here to read more about Coupon Clipping Services!
*Another Awesome Resource to get coupons is from the Internet. When you are printing Bricks coupons, if you hit the back button, and then refresh, it will let you print a second coupon. However, you can only print 2. If you have access to multiple computers, than you can print 2 per computer! I also post links to the online coupons that I use, which will save you time from trying to search for them yourself! You can go Here to view a list of printable coupon sites!

*Send a quick email to companies of your favorite products. Usually they will send coupons to their loyal customers. There are also many offers online to have a coupon mailed to you. If I ever find any good coupons online-- I will share a link with you, on how to apply for it!
Couponing to Disney has a huge list of email address for companies to send an email to get coupons! Check it out HERE!

Always keep your eyes open & focused when you are shopping at a store! You can find coupons at your local stores! These coupons may be taken and used by anyone, at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons before the expiration date.Always be on the lookout for coupons and if it's an item you'll likely purchase grab it! I've noticed that you usually see a coupon right before a sale.

*Blinkie coupon - a coupon in a machine (usually red in my region) distributed by Smart Source. The nickname "Blinkie" refers to the light that blinks to get your attention. Even though most of the blinkie's in my region don't even blink. LOL. These are usually located right in front of the product on a shelf. They also typically have a slot on the top for customers to replace the coupons if they are not interested.

*Tearpads Coupons- are coupons located on a tearpad, that looks similar to a notepad. They are often displayed on a shelf or product display, especially on cardboard in-aisle displays. Customers can easily tear the coupon off of the tearpad and use it any time before it expires. Most of these manufacturer coupons can generally be redeemed at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons unless it is stated on the coupon.

*Peelie coupons- These coupons are located on a sticker directly on the product. You can easily peel these coupons off of the product & use it if you are purchasing the product.

More Ways to Find coupons!

*All You Magazine Magazine -A great resource to find coupons! You can only get this great money saving magazine by purchasing it at Walmart, or by subscription .

*Many other magazines also have coupons. I always make sure to flip through my magazines for coupons.

*Sometimes you can also find coupons inside of packages of items that you have bought. Before you throw away packages be alert in case if there is a coupon!

Go directly to the website of a favorite product, to possibly find coupons! For example:
Coffee-mate then click on offers, to find some coupons!

Facebook - "Like" your favorite brands of products, for possible coupons, samples, and more!

These are the most common ways that I use to add coupons to my coupon stash! Have fun accumulating your coupons! If you'd like to add any tips please leave a comment below.

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