Monday, February 1, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

I haven't posted my weekly menu's in awhile & I suppose that I should jump back on the bandwagon! Anyway, here's what's cookin in our household this week....

Monday - Manicotti Cordon Bleu - Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

Tuesday - Chicken voila (out of the bag), homemade fries, salad

Wed - Pork Tenderloin in the crockpot, veggies, baked potato

Thursday - Meatloaf, veggies, mashed potato's

Friday - Every Friday is Pizza night!

Saturday - Free day, kids are going with their Grandma! Maybe dh & I will use our gift card that we got for Christmas & go out?

Sunday- Country fried steak, potato's, veggies, rolls

Please note: My family is very picky so our meals are usually very plain & easy!

*If you are new to menu planning, check out this post Here! And make sure to swing by Org junkie's Meal Plan Monday to check out what hundred's of people are eating this week!

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