Monday, February 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday-Dr. Suess

I recently found this website, Muffin Tin Mom. Every week she serves her children a meal in muffin tins & shares it! I thought this was a really cool concept & thought I'd give it a try! This week the theme was Dr. Seuss. My twins (almost 6 yrs.) really like the book "Green Eggs & Ham" so we first read the book together, then we made Green Eggs & Ham! They enjoyed helping & learned that if you add blue food coloring to scrambled yellow eggs than they turn Green!

They had "Green Eggs" and a piece of lunch meat ham. They also had buttered toast, and "Sam I am" apple slices, and chocolate milk, of coarse!

They really enjoyed their "special" breakfast, though when I first set the silicone "muffin tins" in front of them, they thought that I was crazy! LOL! But, now they can't wait until the next time that I serve them food in the "muffin tins!"

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