Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailbox Monday!

This week was just an Okay week for me! I really didn't get anything to jump up and down about, But here is what I did get....

Free Magazine's:
*Marie Claire
*Peta kids
*Working Mother
To see what I do with all my Free magazine's go Here!
Free coupons:
*Coupon for a Free bag of Sunchips
*Coupon for $5/$30 at Aldi because they are opening a new one in my area! Yay!

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  1. Happy Mailbox Monday!

    Can't wait to use the Sunchips Free Coupon, how about you? I love those multigrain original ones :-) Okay, now I am getting hungry!

  2. I love Aldi! Recently started shopping there when our Harris Teeter closed.
    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  3. I used my free sunchips coupon yesterday without any problems, thankfully! =)

  4. Aldi is the best! Make sure you go to the grand opening - they give away a nice reusable bag with goodies!


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