Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magazine Deals Round-Up: Shape for $3.76 yr. Redbook $5 for 2 yrs. plus More!

Currently, You can get a 2 year subscription to Redbook Magazine for only $5 from Amazon HERE! The $5 will come off at checkout for ordering a 2 yr. subscription. The extra $5 discount is valid until January 31, 2011.

Now, through 1/16/11, you can order a 1 yr. subscription to Shape Magazine for only $3.76/year with coupon code WKLYSPEC.

Here's How:
1. Order a 1 yr. subscription to Shape magazine for $4.69 (or any of the other deals listed below)
2. When you check out, use coupon code WKLYSPEC for an additional 20% off
3. The total price should be $3.76/year when you pay!
Best Deal Magazine's also has a Daily Deal every day on certain magazine's! Make sure to use code PXSS116 when ordering these magazines for an additional 15% off.
Today- Muscle & Fitness - $4.39 ($3.73 after discount)
Thursday- Sporting News - $4.39 ($3.73 after discount)
Friday- Camping Life - $5.39 ($4.58 after discount)
Saturday- Woman's Day- $4.39 ($3.73 after discount)
Sunday- Oxygen- $5.39 ($4.58 after discount)

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