Monday, September 26, 2011

Mailbox Monday - Sept. 26th!

All that I have to say is that this week my mailbox was busting at the seams with Magazine's! Wow did I get a lot this week!

All of the magazine's that are pictured were FREE (except for the OK magazine-which I only paid $2 for a one year subscription).

The ALL You magazine was only Free because I ordered it from Amazon, using my Free gift cards which I earned for FREE using Swagbucks!

  • Martha Stewart Living Magazine (I got three issue's in one week, don't ask me what's up with that?)
  • More Magazine
  • Woman's Day
  • Watch magazine
  • Whole Living
  • Family Fun magazine
  • Fitness
  • Marie Claire
  • Shape
I also received...
  • Another Splenda sample & coupon
  • Kroger My Magazine with coupons
  • $5/$5 purchase at Famous Footwear (For my Birthday) Sign up for their Rewards program Here
  • Any FREE Drink at Starbucks (For my Birthday, and one of my favorite Freebies, Oh do I Love Starbucks!) Go Here to sign up to get yours! All you need is a Starbucks gift card, and if you don't have one, you can earn a Free one with your Swagbucks!
  • FREE Steak Dinner at Outback Steakhouse (Yippee! Did you get one?)
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  1. Happy Mailbox Monday! Nice collection of magazines. I subscribe to Fitness and Shape (paid about $4 each). Congrats on the Outback coupon!

  2. No, I didn't even know about the free steak :(
    I also paid $2 for Ok! magazine. It was offered at the end of a free subscription so I figured why not.
    I'm playing catch up from last week.


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