Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking With Kids - A New Series on Tips From A Mom of 3!

Cooking With Kids is a new feature here on Tips From A Mom of 3!

Cooking with kids has many benefits...

1. Kids Learn While Cooking
  • Math Skills - Counting, Measuring, Weighing, Fractions, Sorting, Sequencing (what comes 1st, second, next, finally) Colors, Shapes, Problem Solving - What happens is something goes wrong.
  • Science & Chemistry Skills - Discovering food groups, making predictions, experimenting, five senses, How food changes when mixed, or cooked, How food grows, or where it comes from.
  • Reading Skills - Reading the Recipe, vocabulary through new words.
  • Social Skills - Responsibility, Safety and Cleanliness, Working Together, Taking turns, Sharing, Building Self Esteem.
  • Living Skills - I see being able to "Cook" is a living skill for when they grow up into an adult.
  • Fine Motor Skills - Chopping, Kneading, Mixing, Stirring, Pouring, Whisking, Cutting, Rolling.
  • Health, History, Art, Geography Skills - These can also be Incorporated into the kitchen. Cultural foods, Creativity, Recipes through Generations, family history, How to eat healthy, nutrition, and more!

2.  Cooking With Kids Can Boost Their Self Esteem- It can also give them pride, kids feel proud that they made something.

3. Cooking With Kids Creates Family Time, Bonding, and Making Memories & Kids think "Cooking" with Mom (or adult) is Fun!

Tips For Cooking With Kids:
  • Set the Rules for DON'T and let your kids know. Make sure that they know the safety rules, such as with sharp knifes, ovens (ect) And make sure that they clean their hands before, during, and after.
  • Always supervise while cooking with kids!
  • Set a short time period, otherwise your child might get bored or overworked.
  • Do allocate different jobs for each child, if you have more than one kid. Encourage them to take turns to avoid sibling arguments.
  • Make sure to Encourage and Praise your children!
  • Have Patience when cooking with your kids~ And Take your time. It's more about the process, than the ending result!
  • Don't get upset over a little spilt milk! Cooking with kids can sometimes become messy! So put on an apron and a smile!
Cooking With Kids does require patience, extra time, and effort- but it can be a good learning experience, and it is a Great way to create memories that will last a lifetime!

All of the "Cooking With Kids" recipes, and idea's that I share at Tips From A Mom of 3, will be Rated "E" for Easy. They will also be Kid-tested, Doable, and Fun! If you have any fun idea's or recipes that you'd like us to try, please send me an email at Tipsfromamomof3 (at) yahoo (dot) com. And your recipe might be featured!

Please Stay Tuned For The First Recipe, Coming Soon!

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