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29 Days Of Couponing Tips : More Ways to Find Coupons!

So far, we have talked about Coupon Inserts, Printable Coupons, eCoupons, and Coupon Clipping Service's. Would you believe that there are still more ways to get coupons! Therefore, today we'll talk about more ways to find coupons!

:: Facebook

Facebook is a good resource to find coupons. Make sure to "Like" all of your favorite brands or products, so that you will know if they release a coupon. Of course, I also always try to share with you on this blog when I find a good coupon!

:: Manufacturer's Websites

Go directly to the manufacturer's website to look for any available coupons. I would also recommend signing up for their newsletter, because sometimes they will email exclusive coupons to their newsletter subscribers. Make sure to set up a separate email address, so that you don't get too much clutter in your personal email account inbox.

:: Email Your Favorite Companies

A great resource for getting coupons, is by emailing the company directly. Tell them that you love their product, and they might just send some coupons your way! Couponing to Disney shows you exactly how to do this!

:: Blinkies, Tear Pads, and Peelie Coupons

Whenever you are shopping, pay very careful attention, and you'll be surprised by the amount of coupons that you can find while shopping. If it is good coupon, you can always save it for when a good sale comes along.

*Blinkie coupon - a coupon in a machine (usually red in my region) distributed by Smart Source. The nickname "Blinkie" refers to the light that blinks to get your attention. Even though most of the blinkie's in my region don't even blink. LOL. These are usually located right in front of the product on a shelf. They also typically have a slot on the top for customers to replace the coupons if they are not interested.

*Tearpads Coupons- are coupons located on a tearpad, that looks similar to a notepad. They are often displayed on a shelf or product display, especially on cardboard in-aisle displays. Customers can easily tear the coupon off of the tearpad and use it any time before it expires. Most of these manufacturer coupons can generally be redeemed at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons unless it is stated on the coupon.

*Peelie coupons- These coupons are located on a sticker directly on the product. You can easily peel these coupons off of the product & use it if you are purchasing the product.

:: Magazine's

All You Magazine is my favorite magazine resource for getting coupons. You can only get All You magazine from a subscription or by purchasing it from Wal-mart. In my opinion, it is a much better deal to subscribe.

If you read my blog regularly, you will also notice that if I find a Free magazine subscription, or one that it a very good price, than I will share it with you.

I always flip through my magazine's to look for coupons first thing when it comes in the mail. There are a lot of coupons in magazine's!

:: Look inside product packages

Always look inside packages before you throw them out, because sometimes you might spot a coupon!

:: Use a Coupon Database

Whenever I am looking for a particular coupon, I always head over to the WUC Coupon Database.

:: Catalina Coupons and receipts

Catalina (aka Cat) coupons or Custom Coupons are paper coupons that print out from a separate machine usually at the grocery store. Typically, these coupons are triggered by something that you purchased. In the past, you may have just thrown these away, but it seems that as of lately these coupons are sometimes good high value coupons, and sometimes coupons for a Free product. Always, keep the Catalina coupons that you think you might use, just in case if a good sale comes along.

At some stores they also print coupons on the bottom of your receipt or even on the back of your receipt, so make sure to always check.

:: Store Coupons

Some stores offer "Store" coupons that are only valid at their store. Some stores have store coupons that they will mail you, that you can print directly from their website, and sometimes some stores put store coupons in their sales ad.

:: Friends & Family

Ask your friends or family to give you the coupons that they do not want. In most cases, they will be more than happy to do this.

Do you know of any Coupon Resources that I didn't mention?
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