Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Couponing Tip: Keep Expiring Coupons In A Prominent Location!

Couponing Tip: Keep Expiring Coupons In A Prominent Location

While cleaning out your coupon binder, do you ever come across a really good coupon that is already expired that you missed & wished that you would have used? Needless to say, it has happened to me too many times!

Front Sleeves - If you use the Coupon Binder method, make sure to add a few extra baseball card sleeves in the front of the coupon binder, to add all of your favorite coupons that you want to use before they expire!

Envelopes - Keep all of your favorite coupons, or coupons expiring soon in an envelope and label it with "Favorite Coupons", "Expiring Coupons", or label it with the store name that you are most likely to use them. Keep the envelopes in a location where you won't forget about them - such as in your purse, or your car.

List it - Keep an ongoing list of the coupons that you want to use, and their expiration dates and keep this list with your shopping list. Consult this list when you are looking over your weekly specials.

There's an app for that?!! This is how I keep track of all of my favorite coupons, and I get an alert before the coupon expires to remind me!

Coupon Organizer & Scanner iPhone App

With the free version of the app you can manually input and organize and unlimited number of coupons. Assign them to categories, input values and expiration dates and get alerts when the coupon is about to expire. You can also mark coupons as “used”. Using the coupon in manual mode is great- but you can also upgrade to the premium version for only $9.99 which unlocks unlimited access to our huge coupon database, allows you to scan an unlimited number of coupons, unlimited Keyword search and imports from our database AND you get access to the bulk coupon insert import function!

I am a "Frugal Gal" so $9.99 seems a little pricey to me, so I just use the FREE Version. Every Sunday, after I get my coupons inserts from the Sunday newspaper, I flip through the inserts, and manually type in the info from only my favorite coupons that I am pretty sure that I will want to use before they expire. I also manually type in any printable coupon that I have printed that I don't want to forget about, and coupons that I get in the mail, and even eCoupons. When I am composing my weekly shopping list, I check the app to see if I have any favorite coupons that go with any sale items. I also have it set up to send me alerts before a coupon expires to remind me!

**Plus, the real cool thing about this app is that Tips From A Mom Of 3 is listed under- Coupon Blogs included in the app! So you can very easily access my blog from the app!

Go Here for more info about the iPhone App available in the App Store! You can get this app on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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  1. Or maybe you could donate your coupons to the US military troops if you don't really have a chance to use them.


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