Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Idea's & Inspiration

I have been seeing idea's for a "Summer Bucket List" all over the web lately, so we decided to make one! The idea of a "Summer Bucket List" is basically to write down everything that your family wants to do for the summer break, before going back to school!

First, we had a family meeting and the kids and I wrote down some idea's of the things that we want to do this summer.

Then, I went Here and downloaded the Summer Bucket List for Free. You can just print it and then write your summer bucket list directly on it. But, I opened mine in my Mymemories scrapbooking software and then typed our list onto it. Then I printed it, and put it on the fridge in a page protector, or you could laminate it. We will use a dry erase marker and cross things off as we do them.

Working on a "Summer Bucket List" is a good push for me to be a fun mom and spend more purposeful time with my kids. I was recently reading an article that talked about love being a four letter word, T-I-M-E. It's always a good reminder to spend more time with my kids (not just being in the same room, while I do my own thing, but actually play with them) as daily life seems to get so busy. Please keep this in mind if my posts sometimes seem sporadic, because I am really trying to spend more time with my kids, and not always pasted to the computer screen to blog. Thanks for understanding!

My plan is to take lots of photo's of each thing that we do on our "Summer Bucket List". Then I will use the photo's to make a scrapbook of our summer! I Love Mymemories for making easy, and inexpensive scrapbook pages.

If you have not tried MyMemories Scrapbooking software yet, I love it and I highly recommend it. Plus, If you do not have Mymemories, and would like to give it a try, there is a special deal just for you if you use my promo code (STMMMS72525) at checkout!

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Do you plan on making a Summer Bucket List? What are some of the activities that you are looking forward to doing with your kids this summer?

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