Wednesday, August 13, 2008


*First I'd like to remind you about the $10 MIR (Mail in Rebate) for Kelloggs products from the 8/3 Kelloggs insert. Basically, if you buy 10 Kelloggs products, you'll receive a check for $10 back in the mail. All you have to do is purchase 10 kelloggs products and mail in the completed form, 10 proofs of purchase and original store receipt (no copies) And all the products have to be in a single transaction on one store receipt dated between 8/05/08 and 9/30/08. And there is a limit of only 1 rebate per household. You can mix and match from several Kelloggs products.

I figured that this was a good opportunity for some FREE food! So, I went to Walmart & here's what I bought:

*Please make a note, prices at different Walmarts vary, and these prices were found today, and you never know- Walmart is good for hiking up prices occasionally so next week they might be more expensive!

Bought 4 boxes of Kelloggs Eggo waffles for $1.50 ea.
Bought 3 boxes of Kelloggs Yogos fruit snacks $1.67 ea.
Total: $11.01
Used (2) $1/2 MQ for eggos from 8/3 kelloggs insert
Used (2) $1 off printables for yogos here ( there are also coupons for $1/2 from8/3 or $1/1 from 7/13 RP)
Final price OOP = $7.01 plus tax

Then I will receive $10 back. More or less, it's like I got all that food free plus some. Even though you still have to pay tax and the cost of a stamp.

It was just brought to my attention that the rebate to get $10 back,is when you buy 10 products!! I am sorry, I misread it! The edits are in red! I won't be able to get the $10 back on the deal I posted above!

Tip-- You could also buy 10 boxes of Eggos for $15.00 Use (5) $1/2 coupons from 8/3 insert
Final price would be $10.00 plus tax. Get back $10 from MIR. (still free, only have to pay for tax and a stamp!)

Buy (10) boxes of Kelloggs yogos fruit snacks for $16.70
use (5) $1/2 MQ from 8/3 insert or (10) $1/1 from 7/13 RP or printable
(can only print 2 per computer) or you could mix and match coupons ect.
Final price would vary depending on coupons used.
If you have (10) $1 off coupons you'd only pay $6.70 plus tax, or
If you used (5) $1/2 coupons you'd pay $11.70. Then you'd get back $10.

If anyone has found a better deal idea for the Kellogg's rebate, please leave a comment & share! Thank you & sorry about my mistake!

**Another deal that I found--
I grew up watching Peanuts videos, and my kids enjoy watching Charlie Brown too, and
I really like Birdseye Voila! It is a very easy, quick, healthy and cheap meal option for our
family. So, yesterday I was flipping through the September 2008 issue of Wondertime magazine and inside there was a coupon tearout booklet! In it was a coupon for $1 off Birdseye Voila and a Mail in form to receive a FREE Peanuts video with 3 proofs of purchase from any Voila package! There are 4 videos to choose from:
*A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
*A Charlie Brown Christmas
*You're not elected, Charlie Brown or
*It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown
It says that the offer is valid from 8/15/08 through 12/31/08
While supplies last Limit of 8 DVDs per household! WOW!
It says to go to for more details, but when I went there to check it out, there is still not any info there. My guess is that on the 15th there should be info there on that. If I find out more, I will update! But atleast you have a heads up & if you have access to Wondertime magazine then you'll have a form & $1 off coupon! Anyways, back to Walmart....

At Walmart Birdseye Voila! is only $3.88.
Cheapest that I've found!
Use $1 off coupon here (hit the back button & refresh to print 2, you can only print 2 coupons per computer!) and or in Sept. Wondertime magazine
Final price = $2.88

*I also found that Hamburger Helper singles cups are $.97 ea.
Use the $1.10 off 3 printable coupon (in my purple box)
Final price = $1.81 for 3 or about 61 cents each.

Here are some other Ongoing deals at Walmart, if you've missed them in the past.

*Johnson's Buddies soaps $.87 ea.
Use $2/2 printable here
Final price = Free plus overage

*South Beach on the go drink mixes $2.00
Use $2 off printable here
Final price = Free

*Wellpatch single patches $.97 ea.
Use $1/1 MQ from 7/13 insert
Final price = Free

*Kotex pantyliners $1 ea
$1 off printable here or $1 off coupon found in All You mag.
Final Price = Free

*Huggies Clean team flushable wipes 42 ct. soft pack $1.64 ea.
Use $3/2 MQ from 7/20SS
Final price = 28 cents each
or get the tubs of huggies cleanteam and pay 88 cents ea. after coupon.

*Honey Bunches of Oats-Just bunches cereal $2.64
Use $2 off printable here
Final price = 64 cents

While you are at Walmart, also don't forget to pick up the August Issue of All You magazine. There are a lot of great coupons in there. If you go to page 184, there is a list of all the coupons in it--worth $35.35.


  1. Hey Amy - I have enjoyed your blog since I just began viewing it a few weeks ago. I have a comment on your Kellogg's rebate though...You have to buy 10 actual products (not $10 worth) and mail in 10 actual UPC's to get the $10 back. I don't think any of those deals you listed would work because the qty is only around 7 on each of them. Does this make sense?
    shaylenejohnson at hotmail dot com

  2. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me Shayleen! I totally misread the rebate! I appologize to anyone who read that. I will fix my mistake. The edits will be in red!


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