Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tips to Save Money On Halloween Costumes!

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Tips to Save money on Halloween Costumes!

1. Ask friends/family/neighbors if they have any "old" Halloween costumes that they are not using, that their kids have out grown (ect.).

2. Check out Craigslist, EBay, Good will, a thrift store or clearance racks! Remember, never pay full price!

3. Sew or make your own costume!

4. Clean out your closet! You can make up several costumes using what you already have on hand!

5. After Halloween look for costumes on clearance, buy them and put them up for next year- then next year you won't have to worry about it!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas:

*Beauty Queen, prom queen, princess- Use an old prom dress/special occasion dress, an old ballet or ice-skating costume and add some accessories, glitter, tiara, or magic wand.

*Check thrift stores & think 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's! For 80's pair an over sized sweatshirt, several strands of pearls, fishnet stockings, ankle booties, leggings, a brightly colored skirt, glitter, a crucifix, lots of bangle bracelets, tons of makeup and hairspray & your little girl can be an 80's Madonna! The possibilities are endless!

*Pirate- Black boots, a big white shirt, black pants, a big belt, eyeliner, a stuffed parrot, and a pirate hat.

*Cowboy/Cowgirl- Denim jeans, some boots, a handkerchief, and a cowboy hat.

*Nerd- Button a white shirt incorrectly, and put masking tape over a pair of glasses (an old pair of sunglasses w/ the lenses removed will work) Add a pocket protector, high-belted pants, a calculator and a stack of boots and your child will be a Nerd or Geek!

*Chef - An apron, a big white floppy hat, and a wooden spoon! Use eyeliner to make a mustache! It's pretty easy to sew a basic apron & hat if you don't have one!

*Construction worker- Pair a flannel button up shirt with denim jeans, a hard hat, boots, and a tool belt.

*FBI Agent - Black shirt, pants, sunglasses, jacket. Use white tape to apply FBI to the back of the jacket & hat, make a badge easily!

*M&M costume- Easy directions Here

*Star Wars costumes- Go Here!

Do you have any idea's or tips to add to my list? Please leave a comment & share!

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