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29 Days Of Couponing Tips Day 12: Know Coupon Lingo & Abbreviations

Day 1: Coupon Inserts 101
Day 2: Printable Coupons
Day 3: eCoupons
Day 4: Coupon Clipping Services
Day 5: More Ways to Find Coupons
Day 6: How to Organize Your Coupons
Day 7: How to Quickly and Easily Clip Your Coupons
Day 8: How to Purge Expired Coupons
Day 9: Know Your Coupons {What does the fine print mean?}
Day 10: Coupon Rules & Tips Every Couponer Needs To Know
Day 11: Know Your Store's Coupon Policies!
Day 12: Know Coupon Lingo & Abbreviations
If you are reading this blog, and other deal blogs then you will need to know the Coupon Lingo! Now you will know what all the abbreviations mean!

  • MQ- Manufacturer coupon

  • MBQ- Meijer Mealbox Coupon

  • OOP- Out Of Pocket

  • FAR- Free after Rebate

  • MIR- Mail In Rebate

  • WYB- When You Buy

  • GC- Gift Card

  • B1G1, or BOGO - Buy One Get One Free

  • CAT, or Catalina- Paper coupon that prints out from a separate machine usually at the grocery store.

  • Peelie - Coupon located on a specially marked product that can be easily peeled off and redeemed as a normal manufacturer coupon.

  • Tear pad coupon - Coupon on a pad similar to a note pad than it's normally located near the product, the coupon can easily be torn off of the pad as redeemed as a normal coupon at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons.

  • Blinkies- Coupons near the product, in a box, and usually has a red blinking light (not always) These coupons are manufacturer coupons, and can be used anywhere that accepts manufacturer coupons.

  • $1/2 or $2/2 (ect.) Get $1 off when you buy 2, $2/2 $2 off when you buy 2, ect. ect.

  • w/ = with

  • Coupon insert, or recent insert = coupon insert found in the Sunday edition newspaper.

  • RP = Red Plum insert found in the Sunday newspaper

  • SS = Smart Source insert found in the Sunday newspaper

  • P&G = Proctor & Gamble insert found in the Sunday newspaper

  • All You magazine - A magazine filled with coupons & great articles, you can only purchase this magazine at Walmart, or by subscription.

  • ECB- Extra Care Bucks- CVS money printed on the bottom of your receipt to be used as cash in a CVS store.

  • CRT- a coupon printed at CVS at the bottom of your receipt, just like an ECB.

  • RR- Register Rewards- Similar to the ECBs, to be used as cash at Walgreens only. The Register Rewards however print out from a separate machine, like a catalina coupon.

  • EXP- expires, or expiration date

  • IP- Internet printable coupon

  • Mailer - Coupons that you receive in the mail

  • OYNO - On Your Next Order

  • YMMV- Your Manager May Vary- different managers can decide differently, what works in one store, might not work in another store.
  • STACK - When you can use both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon together for one item.
  • Magazine sub - Magazine subscription

  • If I missed something, please leave a comment & I will update the list!

    Any questions, or comments? Please leave a comment!

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