Sunday, February 19, 2012

Understanding Sales Cycles

Day 1: Coupon Inserts 101
Day 2: Printable Coupons
Day 3: eCoupons
Day 4: Coupon Clipping Services
Day 5: More Ways to Find Coupons
Day 6: How to Organize Your Coupons
Day 7: How to Quickly and Easily Clip Your Coupons
Day 8: How to Purge Expired Coupons
Day 9: Know Your Coupons {What does the fine print mean?}
Day 10: Coupon Rules & Tips Every Couponer Needs To Know
Day 11: Know Your Store's Coupon Policies!
Day 12: Know Coupon Lingo & Abbreviations
Day 13: Stacking Coupons
Day 14: Save Money With Coupons, Know When To Shop
Day 15: Get Organized With a Plan, Before You Hit The Store!
Day 16: Don't Be Brand Loyal
Day 17: Stockpiling Part 1 (What is it?)
Day 18: Stockpiling Tips Part 2
Day 19: Understanding Sales Cycles

For the past two days we talked about Stockpiling, so today we will talk about Understanding Sales Cycles. Once you Understand Sales Cycles, you will be able to Understand Stockpiling better.

What is a Sales Cycle?

Sales cycles are important in order to follow the common coupon practice of stockpiling. Stockpiling is buying enough of what you need at an item’s lowest price to last until the next time it goes on sale in order to avoid buying it while it is at full retail price. This length of time between sales is called a sales cycle.

There is a specific reason for every sale, coupon, or other promotion. Understanding why these events take place can help you to save hundreds of dollars on your household budget.

There are two types of Sales Cycles - Rotational and Seasonal.

Rotational - Rotational sales cycles happen for several reasons, but they are primarily designed to encourage stock rotation. Most items have 12-week sales cycles, meaning that they go on sale at least once during a 12-week period. Cereal has a shorter, six-week cycle, and some baking goods have a longer, 24-week cycle. To save the most money, you should make your purchases when the item is at it's lowest price, and then use a coupon. To save even more, buy enough of the item to lasts until the item goes on sale again at it's lowest price.

When you are stockpiling, you want to save the most you can on pantry, cleaning and personal-care items and then wait until the next sale so you don’t have to pay full price.

Seasonal- Seasonal sales cycles happen during certain times of the year. A seasonal sales cycle can be for an event, such as the National Oatmeal Month promotion, or sales might occur because of produce being in season, or it could be because of a holiday, or obviously because of the season.

How does this help me to save money?

Knowing what sales are coming will help you to plan your budget accordingly and give you a better understanding of when is the best time to use your coupons. Also, by using your coupons at the right time, and stocking up on items when they are at their "Rock Bottom" prices, you will never pay regular retail costs for anything ever again!

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