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29 Days of Couponing Tips Day 22: Rock-Bottom Prices and Sales Cycles

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Day 2: Printable Coupons
Day 3: eCoupons
Day 4: Coupon Clipping Services
Day 5: More Ways to Find Coupons
Day 6: How to Organize Your Coupons
Day 7: How to Quickly and Easily Clip Your Coupons
Day 8: How to Purge Expired Coupons
Day 9: Know Your Coupons {What does the fine print mean?}
Day 10: Coupon Rules & Tips Every Couponer Needs To Know
Day 11: Know Your Store's Coupon Policies!
Day 12: Know Coupon Lingo & Abbreviations
Day 13: Stacking Coupons
Day 14: Save Money With Coupons, Know When To Shop
Day 15: Get Organized With a Plan, Before You Hit The Store!
Day 16: Don't Be Brand Loyal
Day 17: Stockpiling Part 1 (What is it?)
Day 18: Stockpiling Tips Part 2
Day 19: Understanding Sales Cycles
Day 20: How to Read a Sales Ad
Day 21: How to Make a Price Book
Day 22: Rock-Bottom Prices & Sales Cycles

We have already talked about sales cycles, stockpiling, and how to make a price book. So, today I wanted to talk a little bit more about Rock-Bottom Prices and Sales Cycles.

What does "Rock-Bottom" Prices Mean?

Rock-bottom prices refers to when a product is at it's lowest possible price. Typically, a product is 50% off or more when it is at it's rock-bottom price. When a product is at it's rock-bottom price, that is when you should buy multiple's to stockpile. When you do this, you will never pay regular retail prices for products ever again!

Once you start to keep a price book, you will start to notice when a product is at it's rock bottom price.

So, How do we use this to our advantage?

I'm just going to show you an example of how we can use this to our advantage and save money! So, if we shop while prices are at their rock-bottom cost, and stock up, then we will have enough of that product to last us through when the price is higher again. For example, If BBQ sauce is on sale for $1 in June, and we use a $.50 or $1 off coupon to go with it to make it FREE, then we will stock up, so that in December when we need BBQ sauce, we won't have to go the store and spend $3.50 for it!

When Should I Stock Up?

Typically, you should stock up when products that you purchase regularly are 50% off or more. So how much should I buy? Most savvy shoppers will say, "as much as I can use before it expires." This will provide a "safety net" for your family, ensuring that you can avoid paying regular retail (full price) over the next several months.

Here are some examples of Rock-Bottom Prices that I would consider to be the highest prices that you should ever pay for these products. If you aren't actively shopping with your coupons and sales, be prepared to be amazed as you're about to see how you've been losing hundreds of dollars a month.

Examples of Rock Bottom Price Lists {Use this for a basis when starting your own Price Books}

Cereal- any under $1, under $1.50 for large sizes, and under $1.25 for healthy, or organic cereals.

Oatmeal- under $1.50 for instant, under $1 for whole oats

Ketchup- $1 and under for 24 oz.

BBQ sauce - under $.50 per bottle

Speghetti sauce - under $1 per jar

Pasta & Noodles - under $.50 per package

Canned Veggies - under $.50

Juice - under  $1.25 for 24 oz.

Cheese - $1 and under

Frozen veggies - under $1

Hot dogs - under $1 per package

Bread - under $1 per loaf

Laundry soap - under $1 per 50 oz.

Dish Soap - under $.50 for 8-10 oz. bottle

Yogurt 4 pk. (danimals, ect.) - $1 and under

Items I Never Pay For (unless I really want to)

Body Wash

This is a basic list. Here are some more examples...

Faithful provisions "Get It Now" List (rock bottom price lists)

Grocery Price Book Example from In Good Cents

Extensive Stock up List from Krazy Coupon Lady

Yearly Sales Cycles

Yearly Sales Cycles are actually pretty easy to figure out. Here is a short rundown of the basic yearly grocery store sales cycles:

:: January

New Years Resolutions (diet foods)
Cold & Flu Season (medicine, vitamins, ect.)
Super Bowl Sunday (snack foods, soft drinks)
National Oatmeal Month

:: Febraury

Valentine's Day
National Canned Foods Month
Breakfast foods

:: March

Frozen Foods Month
Spring Cleaning (deals on household cleaning products)

:: April

Easter (ham, baking items, eggs)
Passover (Kosher foods)
Earth Day (Organic, and natural items)

:: May

Grilling season begins (condiments, meat, cheese, ect.)
Cinco De Mayo (tortilla's, beans, ect.)

:: June

National Dairy Month
Grilling Items

:: July

July 4th ( Grilling items, condiments)
National Ice Cream Month
Back to School sales begin

:: August

Back to School (snacks, juices, school supplies)

:: September

Back to School sales continue
Breakfast foods

:: October

Getting ready for fall baking
Halloween (candy)


Thanksgiving (turkey, stuffing, baking supplies)
Black Friday

:: December

Christmas (Ham, Turkey, party items)

This is a very basic list. Here is a more detailed list...

Guide to Sales Cycles for Rock Bottom Prices

Do you have any questions? Would you like to share any tips? Please leave a comment and share!

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