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Freebies 101 : Day 26 of 29 Days of Couponing Tips!

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Day 7: How to Quickly and Easily Clip Your Coupons
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Day 23: Finding Coupon Match-Ups and Deals (part 1)
Day 24: Learn How to do Coupon Match-ups (part 2)
Day 25: Menu Planning 101
Day 26: Freebies 101

Today, I wanted to talk about Freebies, How to Get them, Why you should get them and Some Freebie Tips!

Why Should I Get Freebies And How Can I Save Money With Freebies?

Getting Free samples or Freebies in your mailbox aren't just great because they are Free, they also often come with coupons. You can use the free samples when you or family goes on a trip or vacation, or put them in a place that you will use them regularly instead of going to the store to purchase more of said item. Here are some more reasons why Freebies can actually save you money.

1. If you are a shopaholic, substitute ordering "Free Stuff" for spending money.

2. Instead of buying a product that is "NEW" or that you haven't tried yet, consider trying the FREE sample offer first before buying it.

3. Check out various Free service or entertainment sources instead of one you pay for. This will save you a lot of money. For example, I receive several Free magazine subscriptions.

How Do I Get Freebies In My Mailbox?

If you are interested in receiving freebies online, here are a few tips that I would highly recommend before starting!

Step #1
I would highly recommend getting a new email address set up! I usually sign up for several offers/freebies  a day, and my inbox is usually always full, or close to it, and if you have all these emails mixed in with your personal emails, you could lose opportunities, or personal emails. You will also get a lot of spam, and it's just not smart to mix them. Go to yahoo, hotmail or gmail to sign up for a free email account. Regardless of what you choose, just please set up a new email mailbox.

Step #2
Sign up for Google Voice. It is quick, and easy to sign up. You will get a Free phone number. You can change the settings so that your phone never rings, and instead goes straight to your email. Go Here for all the details. You will want to have this phone number, so that when an online form asks for your phone number, you will not have to give out your home or cell phone number.

Step #3
After you set up a new email account, and receive your new phone number, the next step is to go to RoboForm and download it for free. (Please Note: That the links that I am providing is for the Free download. This is what I have and I am very happy with it. You can pay a Fee to upgrade, but I'd give the Free download a shot, before you decide to spend any money.) Roboform will be your best friend, trust me! It will automatically fill out all of your online forms with the click of one button. You can also bookmark your favorite sites, and it even has a password keeper! It will save you a lot of time! And, believe me it will take a lot of time filling out all of the forms to get freebies. So I definately recommend doing this! If you'd rather not download roboform, then atleast consider the Google Form filler located in the google tool bar.

Step #4

Read! I love to save money and get Freebies in my mailbox every week! I also Love to share them with you so that you can take advantage of the freebies available too!

*If you want to be excited to go to your Mailbox, and see it explode with Freebies, please make sure to check out my "Free Stuff Friday" post every Friday! Check all available freebies, by clicking Here to see all posts labeled "Freebies."

You will also find time-sensitive Freebies posted throughout the week as they come available, so please make sure to check back often. Make also make sure to "Like" Tips From A Mom of 3 on Facebook and make sure to sign up for my daily email or RSS feed so that you never miss out on all the great freebies, and coupons!

To see the freebies that I have received in my mailbox check out my Mailbox Monday posts.

More Tips About Freebies:

  • When you see an available freebie, apply for it as soon as possible. I say this because freebies are available "while supplies lasts" and they usually go fast! I have missed out on too many freebies, because I thought I'll just do it later, and then when I went back, it was gone!

  • Keep in mind that most freebies take about 4-8 weeks on average before they will show up in your mailbox.

  • Avoid trial offers, that you will need to "cancel" later. Often times, you will forget to cancel and then end up spending money that you didn't intend to spend. The only way that I will have an exception to this rule, is if I write it on my calendar 2 weeks before it needs to be cancelled, and add it to my digital calendar, and send reminders to my phone, to guarantee that I will not forget to cancel. But the best way is to avoid these offers!

  • Watch out for "scam-ish" freebies. Typically, if a freebie requires that you make a purchase, or give them your credit card number, than it is not a true freebie. The best way to get your freebies, is to stick to only getting the freebies that I post here at or by reading other deal blogs such as Hip2Save. or Freebies4Moms. I can guarantee that I only post deals, freebies, and coupons that are 100% legit, and only freebies that I would consider applying for myself.

Do you have any questions about Freebies? Would you like to share any tips that I missed? Please leave a comment below!

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